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My A to Z of mortgage terms and descriptions will help you to understand the jargon used within the mortgage industry.


About Me

My name is Lawrence Yeboah-Kyeremeh with extensive experience in the Residential and Buy to Let Property transaction industry. My friends, family, and neighbours see me as the go-to person for anything mortgage-related question.

One Wednesday morning on my morning commute into work I came across a small article about an individual in one of London's popular newspaper which was mortgage-related, and the article ended with the sentence " I know nothing about mortgages". I suddenly thought about the number of friends, family, and neighbours I had helped over the past few weeks and months and questioned how many of these individuals in the newspaper article were there, and, how many of them had no knowledge of house buying or mortgages?

After a few weeks of should I or should I not, I decided to create a website where friends, family, neighbours and everyone including the general public could educate themselves about mortgages. I have created mortwiki.com as a free to use website and as a way of sharing my knowledge and giving back to society. The purpose of the site is to educate us all so that when we embark on a journey to owning our dream home or moving home we are familiar and understand some of the words/terms that we may come across.

these are not exhaustive!

From time to time and in conversations with friends and neighbours it surprises me when individuals say they can’t buy a house, and when asked why they feel that way, I often get “my credit is not good”, “I don’t have enough deposit”, or just plainly, “don’t think I qualify”.


I always encourage these individuals to speak with their banks, and appropriate professional advisers to consider all options available, and there are a lot.
Here are a few examples

Home buying

Everything you need to know about home buying, all in one place.


Easy to understand terms and descriptions that will help you understand the jargon of buying a house.

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Please note the content of this website is a guide and for information only and mortwiki.com does not offer loans, broker loans or recommend lenders. We are not mortgage advisers and you will need to consult a qualified professional in that area. Please note these definitions are our own, are not exhaustive and is subject to change.